Dublin City Council receives Excellence in Local Government Awards

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Dublin City Council was named City County Council of the year at the 10th Annual Excellence in Local Government Awards event held in association with the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government on 13th November 2013.

Dublin City Council was delighted to win Awards for the Fairview Park Improvement Project; the Pathway Accommodation and Support System (PASS); and the Tolka Valley Greenway Project.

Accepting the awards on behalf of Dublin City Council, the Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Henry Upton said “The awards presented to Dublin City Council showcase its innovation in technology and environmental sustainability. These awards underline the talents, enthusiasm and hard work which contribute to the continued social, cultural and economic growth of the city”.


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Notes to the Editor:

Parks & Recreation category- Dublin City Council – Fairview Park Improvement Project

Project Description:

The land occupied by Fairview Park was originally a tidal mudflat which was used for landfill in the early 1900’s.  It was then developed in the late 1920’s as a public park.  Fairview Park now features a wide range of improvements combining active features such as a children’s playground that will keep even the most demanding child entertained for hours, Dublin city’s fourth a skateboard park, a woodland walkway a public performance area and passive features such as seasonal bedding, and social inclusion garden.  Fairview Park also has an ‘I-Play’ area, the first of its kind in the city an active play and fitness area designed to attract those more used to playing computer games. These new facilities improve the park for children, young people and adults in Fairview, East Wall, Marino and the north inner city. They also demonstrate Dublin City Council’s commitment to children’s play and to enhancing the city’s existing parks and open spaces.

Innovation in Technology category - Dublin City Council – Pathway Accommodation and Support System (PASS)
Project Description:

PASS is an exciting and innovative project which provides Local Government, State agencies and the non-governmental sector with a shared client database which facilitates client assessment, support planning and interagency case management of people experiencing homelessness.

Additional to facilitating multi-agency case management and support planning approach, the 24/7 management aspect of emergency homeless accommodation has allowed the DRHE to increase efficiency of bed occupancy to a rate of 99% of capacity through the sharing of information between all statutory and voluntary homeless services. Over 97,000 placements into emergency accommodation took place in Dublin during 2011 and 2012, between over 30 organisations.

The introduction of PASS allows Local Government to effectively manage, co-ordinate and monitor the provision of homeless services in the four Dublin Local Authorities, and having established its efficacy will now be rolled out as a National Client Shared Database pursuant to Government policy as set out in Irelands National Adult Homeless Strategy, The Way Home.
“The Pathway Accommodation and Support System (PASS) is a national shared homeless bed management and client support tool, that enables people who are experiencing homelessness to gain access to accommodation on a daily basis. It allows front-line services to provide a continuum of support to people experiencing homelessness. PASS is now live in statutory and voluntary homeless services throughout the country. Dublin City Council is very pleased to have received the award in recognition of the project“ said Colm Moroney, National PASS Coordinator.

Sustainable Environment category - Dublin City Council – Tolka Valley Greenway
Project Description

The project is a complete turnaround in taking the Tolka, a previously polluted urban river in Dublin with an existing landfill but a long cultural heritage, and re-imagining it as a new spine of green infrastructure which connects people and habitats. Extended parklands of a total of nearly 20 hectares have been restored with a variety of native habitats and linked throughout by a 4 km cycle route with potential to go further in future inland and towards the coast. The project provides sustainable management of the river, allowing flooding while protecting habitats, controlling quality of water entering the river and developing salmon fisheries potential.  A new bridge connects existing and recent developments to promote social inclusion and improve access.  New wetlands treat road run-off and provide an amenity for recreation and biodiversity. The river is the heart of the area once more.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Maryann Harris, Parks and Landscape Services Division, said “The new Tolka Valley Greenway is an excellent example of how green space can serve many functions within a city. It is also an example of multi-agency cooperation to improve the local environment which in turn benefits the City and improves the quality of life for Dubliners.  This project has been a collaboration of many departments within the City Council and other agencies and has built valuable alliances for the future for Green Infrastructure planning.