Lord Mayor commemorates the City of Barcelona

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On Monday 11th November, at noon the Lord Mayor of Dublin Oisín Quinn will formally dedicate a 300 year old olive tree situated in Cow’s Lane to the City of Barcelona. Deputy Mayor of Barcelona Jaume Ciurana and Bill Shipsey, who donated the tree to the City of Dublin, will also be in attendance.

Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn said “It is a great honour for me to dedicate this olive tree to the City of Barcelona.  The Cities of Barcelona and Dublin are twin Cities since 1998 and we in Dublin are happy to mark the 300th anniversary of the Siege of Barcelona, a very important time in the history of our sister city.  It is also dedicated to the cause of human rights which is a cause strongly promoted by Bill Shipsey through his global artist engagement programme, Art for Amnesty.”

Deputy Mayor of Barcelona Jaume Ciurana said “I am extremely grateful for the Dedication of this three hundred year old olive tree to my city, Barcelona, and to Human rights.  With this simple event we are two cities committed from today to extending the cause of freedom and Human Rights.”

The 300 year old olive tree was donated by Bill Shipsey to the City of Dublin in 2006 and it has been situated in Cow’s Lane since then. He donated an olive tree as a symbol of human rights and as a living testament to man’s desire for freedom.

Notes to the Editor

Dublin – Barcelona Twinning

In 1998 Dublin and Barcelona signed a Twinning Agreement that was the beginning of our collaboration. The collaboration was fostered in 2009, with the signature of an addendum to increase the links in areas such as the economy, tourism, culture and e-government.

In March of this year our two cities took a step forward in this agreement by signing an updated addendum. Here, Barcelona and Dublin will promote our cooperation in key areas of culture and future economic development, such as smart cities, and digital and mobile technologies. This year, our cultural collaboration has already seen much activity, including a visit from renowned Barcelona curators Latitudes, the participation of Barcelona in the Dawn Chorus project in May, which was part of the Blooms Festival here in Dublin, and the Creative Connexions project between Dublin Institute of Technology and Barcelona that looks at collaboration between our traditional music, to name a few.

Siege of Barcelona 1714

On 11 September 1714, after a thirteen-month siege, the city of Barcelona fell into the hands of French-Castilian troops in what would be the final episode in the Spanish War of Succession.

The Battle of Barcelona was a very bloody affair and involved all sectors of the city. Due to the sacrifice of the city people and their subsequent spirit of recovery, September 11, although marking a defeat, is now marked as the national day of Catalonia.