New subscription charges will help fund dublinbikes expansion

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Dublin City Council and JCDecaux have announced changes to the cost of dublinbikes membership. The changes take effect from 6th December 2013 and will contribute towards the expansion of the dublinbikes scheme.

The following new charges will apply to subscription renewals and new membership from 6th December:

  • Long Term membership (one year) will cost €20
  • Short Term membership (three day) will cost €5

The new subscription charges, which were agreed last May, will coincide with the phased introduction of 58 new dublinbikes stations and 950 new dublinbikes in the capital before the end of July 2014. The first of the new stations will open on 28th November 2013 with others following shortly.
“This is the first time that there have been any changes to the dublinbikes subscription costs since it became such a feature of Dublin in 2009. The new charges will make a valuable contribution to funding the dublinbikes expansion. Members will also be using a scheme which has far greater capacity and covers a larger area. The first half hour of any journey will continue to be free so dublinbikes will continue to be the best value annual public transport option in the capital”, says Jim Keogan, Executive Manager with Dublin City Council’s Planning Department.

Around 95% of journeys taken on dublinbikes since its launch have been less than 30 minutes.

The 58 new stations that will see the ever popular dublinbikes scheme expand from the city centre towards Hueston Station and into the Dublin Docklands between now and next summer. dublinbikes members have taken over 6 million journeys since September 2009. The expanded scheme will allow more members to join and will also mean that more dublinbikes are available in a wider area of the city.


Notes to the Editor

The original dublinbikes scheme had 450 bikes operating from 40 bike stations. A further 4 stations and 100 bikes were subsequently added. This scheme has an estimated value of €33m over 15 years and was provided by JCDecaux as part of a civic amenity contract Dublin City Council awarded to them following a public tender process. The civic amenities are funded by advertising concessions.

The expanded dublinbikes scheme will not be funded by advertising. JCDecaux will manage the expanded scheme and funding will come from a combination of NTA grants, Dublin City Council funds, membership fees and sponsorship. The overall capital and operational cost of the expansion is estimated at €35m over 15 years. The expanded scheme will mean dublinbikes will have over 100 stations and over 1,500 bikes operating in the capital. International annual cost comparison

The following are the annual membership costs for other schemes:

  • Dublin                                  €20
  • Lyon                                    €25
  • Paris                                    €29
  • Seville                                  €31
  • Brussels                              €32
  • Brisbane                              €43
  • London                                €107 (£90)