Vehicles over 4.65m high not permitted on Irish Roads from 1st November

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Under national regulations 4.65 metres is the maximum height of any vehicle permitted on Irish Roads from 1st November 2013. This means that from that date Dublin City Council will no longer be permitted to issue transit permits for Heavy Goods Vehicles over 4.65 metres in height to transit  the 5+ axle Cordon in Dublin city.
 Statutory Instrument No.366 of the Road Traffic Regulations 2008 sets the maximum height of vehicles at 4.65 metres.  A five year derogation period, from 2008, had been granted to operators of vehicles over 4.65 metres and this will end at midnight on 31st October. It has not been possible to register a vehicle greater than 4.65 metres in Ireland for the last five years.
Dublin City Council is currently using 30 VMS signs around the city to notify HGV drivers of the implementation date and has placed update information  on which is the website used to apply for these transit permits.
Dublin Port Tunnel opened in December 2006. The tunnel was built to best international standards and has been an enormous success.  It and the attendant HGV Management Strategy have taken approx 4,000 HGV trips per day  out of the city centre. The HGV strategy prevents vehicles with five or more axles entering the Canal Cordon in the city centre from 07.00-19.00hrs between Monday and Sunday. The maximum height of any vehicle entering Dublin Port Tunnel is 4.65 metres and from 1st November this restriction will also apply to Irish roads generally.
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Dublin City Council Media Relations Office