Temple Bar Cultural Trust transfers responsibilities to Dublin City Council

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In April 2013 the Board of the Temple Bar Cultural Trust requested that Dublin City Council (the Shareholder) begin the process of winding down the Trust and for the council to take over the responsibilities, functions and assets of the Trust.

Dublin City Council agreed this request and immediately began a transitional process, while at the same time the Board and interim Chief Executive continued to deal with outstanding and legacy issues relating to the Trust.

The necessary transitional arrangements have been progressed by Dublin City Council which involved all the relevant departments and senior officials within the council.

In November 2013 the council established a Temple Bar Project team (five staff) and they were assigned to the Culture Box premises in Temple Bar, they immediately began "shadowing" the work of the remaining staff and contractors in the Trust and began taking operational control.

The Temple Bar Project team reports to Brendan Kenny Assistant Dublin City Manager and he will report on an ongoing basis to Councillors on the South East Area Committee, to the Arts and Culture Strategic Policy Committee and where necessary to the full City Council membership.

The new Project team will not alone carry out the previous core role of the Temple Bar Cultural Trust e.g. Landlord functions and cultural programming in conjunction with the relevant existing sections within the City Council, but it will also become the central/focal point for all the main stakeholders in Temple Bar in their dealings with the council.

Following a competitive public tendering process by Dublin City Council, Genesis has already been commissioned as consultants to carry out a comprehensive consultation process with these stakeholders and work on this will commence within a few weeks. This process and the outcome of same will be used by the city council to inform the development of a cultural, physical, social and economic vision for Temple Bar, serving as a catalyst in uniting all the stakeholders in the area building on the great success of the last twenty years and maximising the potential opportunities in future years.

Based on all this Dublin City Council considers that the Board of TBCT is now in a position to transfer its responsibilities to the Dublin City Council structures now in place. In legal terms the company remains in place until it is fully dissolved by Legislation expected later this year. The city council will ensure that all necessary legal and company procedures and regulations for the Trust are fully complied with while awaiting the final dissolution arrangements and has underwritten any liabilities accruing.

Mr Ray Yeates has served the Trust as Interim Chief Executive for the past year and he has done this job in addition to his full time position of Dublin City Arts Officer. Because of Mr Yeates's excellent work in dealing with the legacy issues of the Trust and his work on progressing the transition process the council is now in a position to facilitate his return to the important Dublin City Arts Officer position.

In moving the wind-down and transition process to this next stage Dublin City Manager Owen Keegan has said "I want to express the sincere gratitude of Dublin City Council to the outgoing Board of the Temple Bar Cultural Trust. The very serious legacy issues that this Board inherited and had to contend with following the Latitude and Internal Audit Report were very challenging and required a very serious time commitment and application of all their experience and skill. The Chairperson Daithi O’Ceallaigh has led this process with great Authority and care for all concerned particularly the staff and I would like to pay tribute to him for his diligent service. I wish also to strongly acknowledge the Directors who as Councillors and Council Officials took on arduous extra responsibilities in difficult circumstances. I wish also to give special thanks to the Independent Directors on the Board, Alan Connolly, Martin Harte and Aidan Pender who have served with distinction and integrity".

At today's meeting of the Temple Bar Cultural Trust the Accounts for 2012 were approved and signed. The Board acknowledged the orderly and careful transition of the Trust to date and that all of the functions of the Trust were now under the management control of Dublin City Council.