Dublin City Council to introduce new traffic measures to facilitate Smart Travel on city quays

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Dublin City Council is pleased to announce new traffic measures which will facilitate Smart Travel on the city’s quays. Smart Travel includes public transport, cycling and walking.

The first of these improvements will be the introduction of a permanent right turn ban from Custom House Quay to Talbot Memorial Bridge. This ban will apply to all vehicles and will be effective from 10.30 am on Monday 12th May 2014.

Brendan O’Brien of Dublin City Council said, “Dublin City Council is introducing this to facilitate the operation of the new Rosie Hackett public transport bridge. The measure will facilitate the introduction of  a contra flow bus lane which will give buses priority access to the Rosie Hackett Bridge.”

Dublin City Council will officially name the Rosie Hackett Bridge on 20th May and it becomes operational the following day.  The Rosie Hackett Bridge will cater for cyclists, pedestrians, buses and, from 2017, the Luas Cross City.

To view a map of the new traffic flow see:


To view a map of an overview of the changes see:



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Notes to the Editor

Other implications for traffic movement in the City Centre Quays
Vehicles wishing to access Matt Talbot Memorial Bridge from Eden Quay will do so by turning left onto Beresford Place, going round the back of Custom House and then continue south across the bridge.

Vehicles wishing to access Matt Talbot Memorial Bridge from Butt Bridge (Tara Street/Georges Quay) will have to continue north onto Beresford Place, going round the back of Custom House and then continue south across the bridge.

The existing right turn at Samuel Beckett Bridge will remain in place.

The right turn ban is being implemented to facilitate the provision of improved bus priority measures from Amiens Street and Custom House Quay to the Rosie Hackett Bridge. This will be achieved by providing a contra flow bus lane along Custom House Quay, to link the Memorial Road/Custom House Quay/Matt Talbot Memorial Bridge junction with an existing contra flow bus lane on Eden Quay.

This will ensure that buses from Busáras, Amiens Street, Gardiner Street and Custom House Quay will be able to gain priority access to the new bridge.

Other changes to facilitate the right turn ban

The junction layouts on the north quays at Butt Bridge and Matt Talbot Memorial Bridge will be altered with changes made to the signal sequence to improve facilities for the mobility impaired and disabled, pedestrians and cyclists.

East bound cycle lanes on Eden Quay and Custom House Quay will be widened.

Cyclists will be permitted to use the contra flow bus lane, thus providing a facility for west bound cycling along the north quays facilitating access to the dublinbikes Station on Custom House Quay.