Electric Cars..the new all Ireland “pony express”

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A challenging Call to Action was issued today by the Lord Mayor of Dublin. The call for action relates to the need to develop the economic potential of the Dublin Belfast Corridor as a driver of future growth on the island. The action call comes by way of a report and recommendations from KPMG following the recent Lord Mayor’s Forum on Maximising the Economic Corridor. The most innovative action suggested is a “pony express” electric car rental system and route.

Championed by the Lord Mayors of Dublin and Belfast, the three stage action forum identified key projects that have the capacity to be “game changers” in terms of economic and social development North and South of the Border. The Call for Action Challenges identified include action to harmonise visa arrangements between Ireland and Britain allowing for movement of non EU students, tourists and business/conference visitors between Belfast and Dublin. The Irish Government could take unilateral action to allow anyone with a British Visa arriving in Northern Ireland to travel South and the British Government could agree similar arrangements for those travelling North as long as they remain on the island of Ireland. In addition the need to invest in high speed rail links and communication along the corridor is a listed action. An innovative Dublin Belfast Electric Car “journey way”  is recommended. This would enable car rental with dedicated charging points along the current motorway route where the rental car could be exchanged and recharged. This “pony express” system would allow flexible “green travel” along the corridor and would facilitate tourist trips from the major urban centres and provide a cost effective alternative to the rail and bus links.
The Call for Action in total identified 6 critical areas for action namely….

Breaking down barriers to travel

  • Cross-Border Education – address concerns of A Level as entry to Higher Education in Southern Ireland, greater R &D co-operation.
  • A new “Enterprise” – upgrading of the Dublin Belfast Rail link.
  • Trade is key - shared trade missions and collaboration on FDI
  • The Dublin/Belfast Electric Car Route
  • Collaboration on Tourism - shared overseas promotions and Conference/Event Bids with multiple locations along the corridor.

The Call for Action identifies major stakeholders who could deliver on the proposed actions. Implementation of the recommendations will require collaboration between the public & private sectors.
A full copy of the report can be downloaded here http://bit.ly/1gSev4O

For further information contact:

Dublin City Council Media Relations Office T. (01) 222 2170, 
Note for Editor:

The Lord Mayors’ Forum crowd sourced the wisdom of over 200 participants from business, education and civil society. It began with a seminar in Dublin City Hall focused on how technology can drive economic development across the island.  It continued on the Enterprise Train to Belfast with a focus on the potential to increase tourism. It concluded in Belfast with the identification of how creative technologies can change the future economy of the region.