Facts about Dublin City

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An illustrated map of IrelandDublin is the capital city of Ireland.

Physical area

The city covers a land area of 115 square kilometres.


The city is sited on the estuary of the River Liffey. This river empties into Dublin Bay which opens onto the Irish Sea.

To the south, Dublin is bordered by a low mountain range.

The surrounding counties to the north and west of Dublin are surrounded by flat farmland.


  • Average summer temperatures: 16C to 20C / 61F to 68F
  • Average winter temperatures: 4C to 7C / 39F to 45F
  • Average annual rainfall: 840 mm / 33 inches

Population (2006)

  • Greater Dublin Area: 1.66 million
  • Area administered by Dublin City Council: 506,211

Major employers

  • Information and communications technology, e.g. Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay .
  • Banking and finance, e.g. Citibank, Commerzbank.
  • Tourism
  • Construction
  • Government.

Twinned cities

  • Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • San Jose, California, United States of America
  • Beijing, The People's Republic of China

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