350th anniversary of Dublin’s first Lord Mayor (1665-2015)

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Historical Background

Lord Mayor's MaceThe first person to receive the title Lord Mayor of Dublin was Sir Daniel Bellingham in 1665. The title of mayor of Dublin stretches back to 1229 when King Henry II created the office of Mayor of Dublin and issued a charter allowing the citizens of Dublin to elect a Mayor every year. The first Mayor elected was Richard Muton. In 1641, the title of Mayor was changed to Lord Mayor, but this did not come into force immediately. In 1665, Dublin City Assembly decided that Sir Daniel Bellingham should be first to take the title of Lord Mayor of Dublin. In 1841, Daniel O’Connell was elected to the new Dublin Corporation and takes office as Lord Mayor of Dublin. He is the first Roman Catholic to be Lord Mayor since 1690.

Right: Lord Mayor's Mace

The Lord Mayor is elected by the members of the City Council on an annual basis. He/she presides at meetings of the City Council and signs its records of proceedings. As first citizen of Dublin, the Lord Mayor acts as Ambassador for the city locally and internationally. During his/her term of office, the Lord Mayor lives in the official residence, the Mansion House.

Commemorative Events

A year–long series of events to mark the tercentenary of Dublin’s Mansion House culminated on 14 December 2015 with the launch of a beautiful book The Mansion House, Dublin 300 years of History and Hospitality edited by City archivist Dr. Mary Clark.

Lord Mayor's Coach, RDS Horse Show, 7 August 1998 - Courtesy of Dublin City Public Libraries   Lord Mayor's Chain of Office

Lord Mayor's Coach, RDS Horse Show,                   Lord Mayor's Chain of Office
7 August 1998