Conserving Bats

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The 'Conserving Bats' leaflet was produced by The Heritage Council and Local Authority Heritage Officers.  It provides information about bats, why we need to protect them, legislation that protects bats and it illustrates ways that Local Authorities can protect and conserve bat populations.


What do you do if you think you have discovered bats in your home?  

Firstly don’t worry. These mammals pose no threat to you or your home. In fact, bats and people have been sharing buildings for centuries.
Bats do not spread disease
• Bats do not chew cables or wood
• Bats are not blind
• Bats do not get caught in your hair
• Bats do not bring nesting material into houses
• Bats are more closely related to humans than to mice

For information on what to do if you think you may have bats in your house or other buildings, please read this guide from the Department of the Environment and Local Government or click here to download it.


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