Introducing Biodiversity

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Introducing biodiversity in Dublin City

Biodiversity is the variety of all natural life and the interactions between organisms and ecosystems.  It includes:

  • single-celled organisms that help soil formation processes
  • earthworms in the soil, plants that grow on the soil
  • insects that pollinate the plants
  • animals that eat the insects 

It also includes the thousands of years that it took to for organisms to adapt to each other and their surroundings to create ecosystems that work perfectly in a certain place under particular conditions. 

Biodiversity gives us:

  • food
  • water
  • renewable resources like wood
  • medicine from plants
  • space to enjoy the natural world

If we remove any of the elements in a delicate ecosystem we undermine the structure that allows it to function so well. 

Threats to Biodiversity include:

  • population pressures
  • habitat fragmentation
  • climate change 
  • unsustainable practices

Why is there a Biodiversity Officer in Dublin City Council?

Dublin City Council launched its Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) in February, 2008.  Dublin was the first city in the country to produce such a guidance document. The Dublin City BAP identifies:

  • priority species and habitats to be protected in the city
  • the commitment of Dublin City Council to play its part in protecting habitats and species designated under the EU Habitats Directive and EU Birds Directive 

The Biodiversity Action Plan also aims to:

  • increase awareness of biodiversity
  •  work with stakeholders to protect local biodiversity hotspots and Natura 2000 sites 
  • provide guidance on conserving Dublin City’s natural heritage

How does the Biodiversity Plan link in with other National and Global Biodiversity initiatives?

The production of the BAP is an action of the Dublin City Heritage Plan (2002-2006) and an objective of the Dublin City Development Plan (2005-2011).  The Council has taken the initiative to link in with National Biodiversity Policy.  Ireland signed up to the Convention on Biological Diversity in 1996 and EU Heads of State have agreed to Halt the Loss of Biodiversity by 2010. A National Biodiversity Plan was written in 2002 and outlined actions needed to help reach this target.  Dublin City Council’s initiative in compiling its own BAP shows its engagement in this global initiative.   

For more information

Lorraine Bull
Biodiversity Officer
Dublin City Council
Culture, Recreation and Amenity
Civic Offices
Wood Quay
Dublin 8

Tel: (01) 222 3325