National Biodiversity Plan 2011-2016

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Ireland’s Second National Biodiversity Plan 2011-2016

Ireland’s Second National Biodiversity Plan, Actions for 2011-2016 was launched in November 2011. It contains a Vision Statement, Strategy and specific Actions to be completed by 2016. It can be viewed by clicking here

Dublin City Council continues to progress these Actions and to support and promote Biodiversity through all of its services and policies, in accordance with the National Plan, the DCC Biodiversity Action Plan 2008-2012 and the Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017. Dublin City Council has had an officer for Biodiversity since 2005. 

The designated officer for Biodiversity since 2009 is Maryann Harris, Parks and Landscape Services Division, contact 222-3806 or by email: .For further information on Biodiversity in Dublin City, please click here.

For more information

Maryann Harris, Parks and Landscape Services Division, (01) 222-3806,
Shane Casey, Biodiversity Officer,  (01) 222 3418,  087 1464786,
Niamh Ni Cholman, Biodiversity Facilitator, (01) 222 3369,