Birdwatching Guide

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Birdwatching at North Bull Island

North Bull Island in well-known internationally for its bird populations. The rarity of some species and the numbers of other species using the Island make it a world-class destination to visit for birdwatching – any time of the year. It is especially popular in the winter months when birds arrive from across Europe and North America, especially the Arctic region, for winter feeding.  The spectacle of thousands of birds arriving each year to our Island after a journey over the oceans is a wonder of nature. We also have birds arriving from Africa, many during the summer months, and they having been coming here for many years.

In cooperation with Birdwatch Ireland, we have prepared a simple map you can use to find your way around the Island and discover the birds and other wildlife.

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 In the Interpretative Centre, we welcome your reports and sightings and can assist you as we have telescopes, exhibits and information which will all help with identification. We have ongoing events in the Centre on different birds year-round.  Drop by and meet fellow ‘twitchers’!