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The North Bull Island Nature Reserve's Discover Primary Science Programme (DPSP)

The North Bull Island Nature Reserve’s Discover Primary Science Programme (DPSP) incorporates a range of Learning Activities that are designed to stimulate learning in the 8-12 yr age group. 

All Activities place emphasis on the SESE curriculum, with consideration of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods of learning.  The North Bull Island Nature Reserve Discover Primary Science Programme was funded by Discover Primary Science, which is a flagship project run by the Discover Science & Engineering (DSE) awareness programme.

DSE is managed by Forfás on behalf of the Office of Science & Technology at the Department of Enterprise Trade & Employment.

We hope that teachers will be encouraged to use the Activity Pack and to bring their students to visit the North Bull Island Interpretative Centre.

Dublin Biodiversity Audio Tour

The Dublin Biodiversity Audio Tour brings together stories on 11 sites of interest to nature-lovers, from community gardens and city parks to collections in museums and botanic gardens. The DBAT is a series of short, free-to-download pod-cast audio clips. By downloading individual audio files to your personal audio player or smart phone, the Dublin Biodiversity Audio Tour - Trinity Centre for Biodiversity Research : Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, Ireland  will lead you on a journey of discovery through Dublin.  This park is included in the Audio Tour.

Events 2013 (Meet at Interpretative and Visitor Centre unless otherwise stated)


Date & Time


More than one hundred species on your doorstep: the birds of Dublin Bay

22nd May; 2pm

Birdwatch Ireland & DCC

BioBlitz – Enjoy a family day out counting all the different types of wildlife in St. Anne’s Park and on North Bull Island

7th June; 7.30 -10pm

8th June; 8am-5pm


Daubenton Bat Survey – help complete this national survey of one of our night time residents

10th July; 8.30 – 11pm (talk and walk). Survey throughout August

Bat Conservation Ireland

The Terns of Dublin Bay

21st July; 2pm

Birdwatch Ireland & DCC

Swift Monitoring Project – help monitor this amazing migratory bird with a special connection to Dublin

June - July


Ireland’s Special Birds – as part of National Heritage Week

17thAugust; 2pm

Birdwatch Ireland &DCC

Marine Experiences Workshop – will introduce all age groups to the wonders of Ireland’s marine world as part of National Heritage Week

20th August; 9.30am-4pm