Trees in the City

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A photo of O'Connell Street

The Parks and Landscape Services Division also had an important role in the provision and maintenance of street trees. There are more than 60,000 street and roadside trees within the city, with an average of 5000 trees being planted by Dublin City Council in the city each year.

In addition the Division also looks after civic decoration such as street planters, and seasonal displays such as Christmas Trees.

A photo of tree surgeons      A photo of trees set in urban landscapes


Dublin Street Trees

The Parks Department are including this leaflet which has some basic care instructions to help your new street tree take root, to view this leaflet, click here.

Street Tree Works 2014

During the summer of 2013 Parks Services commissioned a survey to be undertaken  of the street trees on the following roads in the South East Area.

  • Street 1 – Cowper Road, Dublin 6.
  • Street 2 – Palmerston Road, Dublin 6.
  • Street 3 – Orwell Park Road, Dublin 6
  • Street 4 – Merrion Road, Dublin 4
  • Street 5 – Northumberland Road, Dublin 4
  • Street 6 – Eglin Road, Dublin 4
  • Street 7 – Clyde road, Dublin 4
  • Street 8 – Raglan Road, Dublin 4
  • Street 9 – Morehampton Road, Dublin 4
  • Street 10 – Waterloo Road, Dublin 4
  • Street 11 – Holyrood Park, Dublin 4.

The roads were selected based on the age profile, maturity of tree species and historic problems associated with the trees on these roads. The  arborist’s report recommended that various works be undertaken on a priority basis and quotations were sought to undertake Priority 1 & 2 works on the various roads.
Report to the January meeting of the South East Area Committee.

Schedule of works to be undertaken, including the location of the trees  to be felled ( approx 5% of the total number of street trees on these streets ).


Click here  to see copy of arborist’s report.
It is proposed that, where possible, in keeping with Park’s Policy that street trees will be replaced with appropriate  tree species.

Native Tree Trails

There are nine Native Tree Trails in Dublin City Council Parks. On the southside, we have four which are located in Bushy Park, Markievicz Park, Ballyfermot, Herbert Park in Ballsbridge and Lansdowne Valley Park, Inchicore.

On the Northside we have five which are located in Poppintree Park, Johnstown, Albert College Park, St Annes Park and Tolka Valley Park.

The Trails will help to introduce you to a selection of Ireland's native trees. There are 15 native trees signposts in each Park. To find them you can navigate your way around the park using The Native Tree Trail Booklet


Lennox Street Trees

To see report submitted by Parks Division to the South East Area please click here.

To see the map which accompanied this report, outlining locations of proposed tree works, please click here.

To see presentation by Parks Division on the proposed works please click here. You can also view to the independent Tree Survey and recommendations.

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