Library Development Plan 2012-2016

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Dublin City, with a population of 527,612 is the political, administrative, educational, commercial, retail and cultural capital of Ireland. It stands at the gateway to the Greater Dublin Area (GDA), an urban area with a population of 1,273,069 (Census 2011). Daily visitors to the city include residents, workers, shoppers, students and tourists. Dublin is the economic engine of the state and its public library service must have regard to the local, national and international context in which the city operates.

In the second decade of the 21st century, this plan forms part of a shared vision for Dublin, for the creation of an attractive, vibrant and inclusive city, with a renewed emphasis on creativity, sustainability and well-being. It seeks to position the city’s public library and archive services as central to the delivery of a collaborative strategy for a better quality of economic, social and cultural life for the city’s residents, workers, students and visitors.

At the heart of this plan is a vision to make life better for Dubliners. The vision is of a 21st century public library service fit for a capital city, a warm and inclusive knowledge network with a power house of ideas and information at its heart. It will be delivered by library staff who are competent, confident and friendly. Our ambition is that the public – reader, learner, researcher, visitor and tourist – is in charge; able to enjoy and learn from quality collections, seamless services, and personalised help and information, whether in welcoming buildings or online.

Public libraries have a key role to play in the country’s recovery from the current recession. Helping individuals and communities to realise their potential and enhance their skills and capacities will create opportunities for innovative contributions to workable solutions. New models of creativity, enterprise and employment can result. In these difficult times we will maximise value for public funding received. Changes planned will be focused on the evolving requirements of clients, current members and audiences yet to be served.

Margaret Hayes
Dublin City Librarian


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