Bram Stoker Collection

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Bram StokerThe Leslie Shepard Bram Stoker Collection

This valuable donation of books by and about Bram Stoker, gathered over a lifetime of interest by the late Leslie Shepard, is a treasure-trove for researchers and enthusiasts. The collection, generously donated by his daughter, Jill Shepard Glenstrup, includes books and tracts relating to the life, career and associations of Bram Stoker. Its various volumes will appeal as much to the person with general interest in the life of Stoker as to those with a more intensive enthusiasm for the background - literary, historical, geographical, and cultural - to Dracula.

About Leslie Shepard

Bram Stoker by Leslie ShephardLeslie Shepard was born in London; his early career was spent in the film industry producing documentary films. Moving to Ireland in 1969, he co-founded the Bram Stoker Society in 1980 to promote the appreciation of Bram Stoker as an Irish writer. He served as chairman of the society for almost 25 years, and gave many seminars and talks. He died on the 20th August 2004.

Bram Stoker, Irish Theatre Manager and Author by Leslie Shepard, 1994.

The Collection

The collection comprises 235 books and pamphlets relating to Bram Stoker and his creation, Dracula. The books were made available to the public from Christmas 2005.

Bram Stoker by H LudlumRight:
A Biography of Dracula: The Life Story of Bram Stoker by Harry Ludlum, 1962.

The collection comprises early editions of Stoker's works; translations of his works into French, Spanish, Italian and other languages; books on the background of Dracula, including travel guides to Transylvania in the 1880s, and many works on the cinematic treatment of Dracula. This donation complements the existing holdings of Dublin City Public Libraries, the fullest holdings can be found at Marino Library and at the Dublin and Irish Collections, Pearse Street.

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