Mount Street Club (1934-2006)

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The Mount Street Club was established in 1934 by Philip Townsend Somerville-Large and Major James Hardress de Warrenne Waller to provide assistance to unemployed men in Dublin.  The Club, was based at 81/82 Mount Street, Dublin 2 until 1974, and then moved to 62/63 Fenian Street. It worked on the principle that instead of handing out payments such as ‘the dole’ or charitable donations it was much better for men to work in providing for their own livelihood and that of their families.

The Club purchased a farm, ‘Larkfield’ in Clondalkin, Co. Dublin which gave the men employment and provided food and other materials for use in producing other goods. In the late 1980s the Club was involved with the community schemes of Grand Canal Docks Trust and the education and skills training of the Irish Nautical Trust.  It was eventually dissolved in 2006. The collection includes minutes, correspondence, financial and legal records, reports, plans and photographs which paint a comprehensive picture of how the Club functioned. 

Download Archives of Mount Street Club 1936 - 2006 (PDF, 677Kb) (cannot access pdf?)