Church Records

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Church Records available for consultation include indexes to Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from a number of Dublin parish registers of the 18th and 19th centuries compiled by the Dublin Heritage Group for Dublin City Public Libraries.

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For a list of parishes included click on the lists below:

Church of Ireland Parish Registers on microfilm

Church of Ireland Registers of Dublin parishes are held at the Representative Church Body Library in Braemor Park. A number of these registers have been microfilmed and have been purchased for the library. Many date from the seventeenth to the end of the nineteenth century.

  • Kilmainham 1857-1900 baptisms
  • St. Audoen's 1672-1916 baptisms, marriages, burials
  • St. Kevin's 1883-1900
  • St. James' 1742-1902 baptisms, 1742-1845 marriages, 1742-1826 and 1836-1854 burials
  • St. John's 1619-1658; 1847-1850
  • St. Nicholas Within 1671-1866 baptisms, marriages, burials
  • St. Nicholas Without 1694-1854 baptisms, marriages, burials; 1842-1861 baptisms; 1817-1875 burials
  • St. Catherine's 1694-1898 baptisms, marriages, burials
  • St. Werburgh's 1704-1833; 1879
  • St. Paul's 1698-1887 baptisms, marriages, burials
  • St. Peter's 1669-1894 baptisms, marriages, burials
  • St. Stephen's 1837-1912
  • St. Matthew's, Irishtown 1827-1846 baptisms; 1827-1853 burials; 1889-1900 baptisms

Dublin Parish Registers in book form

Selected Dublin parish registers were published in book form by the Parish Register Society and the Representative Church Body Library and are held in the library:

  • St. John's, Dublin 1619-1699 baptisms, marriages, burials
  • St. Michan's, Dublin 1636-1685 baptisms, marriages, burials
  • St. Catherine's, Dublin 1636-1715 baptisms, marriages, burials
  • Monkstown, Co. Dublin 1669-1786 baptisms, burials
  • St. Nicholas Without 1694-1739 baptisms, marriages, burials
  • St. Andrew's, St. Anne's, St. Audoen's, St. Bride's 1632-1800 marriages
  • St. Marie's, St. Luke's, St. Catherine's, St. Werburgh's 1627-1800 marriages
  • St. Patrick's 1677-1800 baptisms, marriages, burials
  • Registers of the French Conformed Churches of St Patrick and St Mary, Dublin, Publications of the Huguenot Society of London, 1893
  • Register of the Parish of St. Thomas, Dublin 1750-1791, edited by Raymond Refaussé, Representative Church Body Library, 1994

Other church record sources

The Convert Rolls, edited by Eileen O'Byrne, lists converts to the established church, the Church of Ireland, from 1703 to 1838.