Land Records

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Griffith's Valuation 1848-1862

Griffith's Valuation compiled by Richard Griffith, all house and land holdings were valued to assess the payment of rates. This survey is held on microfiche and covers the 32 counties of Ireland.

Tithe Applotment Books 1828-1832

The Tithe Applotment Books were compiled by the clerks of each civil parish to assess payment of tithes to the established church at the time, the Church of Ireland. Members of all religions were liable for the payment of tithes. These records are held on microfilm and cover the 32 counties.

Ordnance Survey first edition 6-inch maps

Dating from the 1830s and 1840s, the whole country was mapped to a scale of 6-inches to the mile. At this scale field fences and houses are marked. These are particularly useful for family research as they help locate holdings listed in Griffith's Valuation.

Ordnance Survey Letters

As the country was being mapped John O'Donovan and other members of the Ordnance Survey teams sent letters back to headquarters describing the countryside, monuments, place names, big houses etc. These were never published, but are held in typescript copies. They are arranged by county.

Civil Survey for Dublin and other counties 17th Century

This survey was carried out in the mid-seventeenth century and lists the principal property holders in each county.