More Genealogical Sources

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Occupational and Educational Records

Guild Records 1192 - 1841

Guilds were mutual benefit associations which flourished in Western Europe from the 11th century. The guild system in Dublin was licensed under a charter by Prince John in 1192 and dominated the commercial and political life of the city. There were four types of Guilds:

  • Guild Merchant or Merchant Guild, Craft Guilds or Trade Guilds, Religious Guilds and Military Guilds
  • Guild Service - by completion of an apprenticeship with a guild member
  • Birth - obtained by sons of guild members
  • Freedom - honorary membership to be conferred on dignitaries

Lloyd's Captain's Registers

Registers 1851-1947, filmed from the manuscript registers in the Guildhall Library, London. The microfilms are in colour to indicate the colour-coded entries from the original manuscripts. They list master mariners alphabetically by name, including those who held a master's certificate but did not command a ship. They predominantly list men employed in the foreign trade. Biographical details are included.

King's Inns Admission Papers

This printed volume lists students who were admitted to the King's Inns from 1607-1867, giving names of father and mother's maiden name, place of birth and qualifications gained.

Alumni Dublinensis

This list of students of Trinity College Dublin from 1593 to 1860, gives place of birth, father's name and profession, teacher or school attended and degrees taken.

Maynooth Students and Ordinations Index of 1795 to 1895, by Patrick J. Hamell

This index gives no family information or address, just diocese.

Royal Irish Constabulary Records

Royal Irish Constabulary records from 1816 to 1922, microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are available to consult in the library. They include general registers of services, returns of personnel and intelligence notices.

Legal Documents

Deeds 6.4Held in the Dublin and Irish Collections, a collection of over 200 legal documents such as conveyances, leases, wills, deeds, settlements and bonds dating from 1717 to 1947, mostly relating to property in Dublin City, is available for consultation. The PDF below lists the names and addresses of the main parties to each document.

Leases and Deeds (PDF, 1.3MB Cannot access PDF?

Cemetery and Memorial Records

Memorials of the Dead

A series of volumes compiled by Richard Flatman and another series by Brian Cantwell list gravestone inscriptions in cemeteries in Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford. They are not published but are available in bound typescripts.

First World War Memorial Records

Published in 1923, these eight volumes list the Irish soldiers who died in the First World War. The names are in alphabetical order.

Cemetery records from Mount Jerome Cemetery and Deansgrange Cemetery

Cemetery records from Mount Jerome Cemetery (1836 - 1972) and Deansgrange Cemetery (1865 - 1972), filmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, are available for consultation on microfilm.

Emigration Records

New York Emigrant Savings Bank records

The Emigrant Savings Bank was founded by Irish emigrants for Irish emigrants in New York in 1850. The records contain details about the place of origin of the person, date of birth, relatives back in Ireland, etc.

Shipping Indexes

Indexes to persons who left Ireland for America during the nineteenth century have been compiled in book form in America, The Famine Immigrants 1846-1851 cover those arriving at the port of New York during the great Famine.

Biographical Records

  • Books on Peerage, Who's Who. Standard reference works, such as Burke's and Lodge's Peerages, are available. Who's Who 1897-1998 is available on CD ROM.
  • Biographical Dictionaries. A range of biographical dictionaries are held, including the Dictionary of National Biography and its several supplements, and the British Biographical Archive on microfiche. The biographical archive gives full text entries from a large range of biographical dictionaries.
  • Biographical notices, chiefly relating to counties Cork and Kerry, from newspapers of 1756 to 1827, compiled by Rosemary Ffolliott, on microfiche.
  • Indexes to biographical notices in the newspapers of Limerick, Ennis, Clonmel and Waterford of 1758 to 1821, compiled by Rosemary Ffolliott, on microfiche.