Knowing Dublin

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  • Book cover: Knowing Dublin: Know your City CouncilTitle: Knowing Dublin: Know your City Council 
  • Author: Dublin City Public Libraries
  • Size: 21cm
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 64pp.
  • Price: Free and available to download below
  • Publisher: Dublin City Public Libraries
  • ISBN: 9780946841967


The Knowing Dublin guide is designed to be used by Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) teachers across the City to help young people get to grips with what the Council does for them and how they can engage with their city. It was researched and written by public library staff.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Eibhlin Byrne, said:

“We would like to encourage people to consider what an important role their local authority plays and how they can actively influence their city’s future direction. Most of us never stop to think what would happen if there were no rubbish collections, no libraries or parks?  How many of us understand the role of international relations and research in the city or how Special Policy Committees (SPCs) influence Council’s policy?

"If you live, work or study in Dublin City, everything that the Council does affects your life. It is important for every citizen of Dublin to understand the role the City Council plays and how they can work together with the Council to make a real and positive difference to life in the city. The ‘Knowing Dublin’ booklet will help young people, as well as other citizens, understand what a central role the Council has in the civic life of the City."

The Knowing Dublin guide, in both English and Irish, is available from the Central Library, Ilac Centre, Dublin 1. Each Dublin City branch library has a reference and a lending copy.

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