Implementing bus priority measures

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Continuous Bus Lanes and Bus Priority Measures

As traffic volumes are expected to increase over the coming weeks and months, it is important, insofar as is practicable, to maintain the reliable and consistent bus journey times that have been experienced during the period of restrictions. Such measures would include the provision of contra-flow bus lanes, extending existing bus lanes to the stop line, providing early starts for buses at traffic signals and providing traffic signal priority for buses. In some locations, the provision of an additional bus lane to allow passing buses to overtake stopping buses without undue delay may be required.

Providing contra-flow bus lanes on selected approaches to the Quays will provide improved connectivity for cross-city bus services, while facilitating pedestrian and cycle measures in the core. One such proposal is to provide a southbound contra-flow bus lane on Winetavern Street, thus reducing the requirement for buses to travel into College Green and so reduce pressure on the pedestrian space in this area.

Photo name: Bus on College Green