Supporting Businesses

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Working with retailers/businesses to optimise deliveries

The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions have understandably created numerous challenges for Dublin city’s retailers and businesses, and the City Council and the National Transport Authority are acutely aware of the needs of the city’s retailers, cafés, restaurants and bars, etc.

The overall aim of the proposed mobility measures is to enable the city to return to work, including enabling retail and leisure activities to restart and businesses to reopen, all in line with Government guidelines.

In order to achieve this, a reallocation of road space may be needed in a number of different areas to meet the new requirements to maintain social distancing and to enable the safe movement of people within the city. This may require flexibility and changes to how retailers and businesses operate their deliveries from what has been done before.

In some locations, on-street car parking and loading bays may have to be removed or relocated to allow for greater provision for pedestrians, etc. Where possible, alternative delivery locations will be provided. The option of identifying specific off-peak delivery times for goods deliveries is also to be considered. We may therefore need to look at different solutions and develop new ways to facilitate deliveries for retailers and businesses across the city.

Outdoor Areas

In order to help businesses function within the Covid-19 restrictions, businesses may require space outside their premises either for waiting areas or some form of outdoor use.  The Council is open to considering these requests where the existing space is adequate or where additional space can be provided, subject to the suitability of the location.  Of necessity, these will be considered on a street by street basis as requests are made.

For all requests relating to deliveries or new outdoor seating, please email

Alternatively, please complete the Service Request Form

Covid Mobility Measure Request Form

image of temporary street expansion outside commercial premises