Apply For Traffic Calming Measures

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Traffic calming uses physical measures to slow traffic and improve safety for road users. Among the traffic calming measures we use are:
  • Speed ramps and cushions, e.g. to slow down vehicles.
  • Chicanes and roundabouts.
  • Modified junctions, e.g. to disallow u-turns, etc.
  • Weight restrictions, e.g. to stop Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) using a street.

Submit an application

To request a traffic calming measure for your area, send a letter to the address below that describes the nature of your concern. Please also include:

  • Your name and address.
  • The name of the street or road where you wish traffic calming to occur.
  • A photograph of the street or road (if possible)

We will then investigate your request and decide if traffic calming is appropriate in that place.

Note: The following conditions must generally apply before speed ramps or cushions are used:

  • 15 per cent of all vehicles should travel faster than 50 kilometres per hour.
  • More than 60 vehicles per hour must use the road.
  • The road should have a straight run of approximately 200 metres.
  • There should be genuine concerns about safety, e.g. based on accident statistics, confirmation by the Garda Traffic Division.

For more information

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