Protected Cycle Lanes and Contra Flows

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Protected Cycle Lanes

Following a trial conducted late 2018 on Lesson Street Lower, Dublin City Council began a programme of installing low level delineators at various locations around the city to provide a physical separation between cycle lanes and the adjacent traffic lanes. Initial installations were in locations where motorists commonly encroach on cycle lanes including, Leeson Street Lower, Ryders Row and Caple Street Upper, Custom House Quay and East Wall Road.  Feedback from initial trials led to alternate orcas being adapted to include a low level wand to increase visibility for pedestrians.  The new Wand ORCA’s have been installed on Leeson Street, the Contraflow Cycle Lane on Lombard Street and have also been installed on Bull Alley Street.

Protected cycle lanes were installed on Bridgefoot Street in early 2020. Designs for protected cycle lanes are currently being developed for Westland Row, sections of North King Street and Marrowbone Lane. Cycle lane protection in areas through Ranelagh and South Richmond Street/Camden Street are also planned under COVID-19 Emergency Works.

Contra-flow cycle lanes

Contra-flow cycle lanes allow cyclists to go in either direction of the flow of traffic sharing the same road space with vehicles going in one direction only.

There are a number of existing contra-flow cycle lanes in the city, the most prominent being the ones on Andrews Lane and Ryders Row/Capel Street. Both these contraflows have been protected by orcas and flexible wands in recent times.

Image of Orca protected Contra Flow Route

Dublin City Council has recently installed  a contra-flow cycle lane on Lombard Street East protected by rubber lane seperators  which links Pearse Street with the South Campshires cycle way. As part of the works a parking-protected with flow cycle lane was also installed. It is intended to introduce further improvements to the cycling facilities at the junction of Lombard Street East and Townsend Street and these works should begin once the COVID 19 restrictions are lifted. In addition future contra-flows are planned for Moss Street, Drury Street and William Street South.

Image of Orca protected Contra Flow Route with flow protected Parking lane

As part of COVID-19 Emergency Works a section of contra-flow cycle track has been installed on Nassau Street between Clare Street and Dawson Street. It is intended to extend this contra-flow as far as Dawson Street during May.

Image of Orca protected Contra Flow Route with flow protected Parking lane