Point Junction Improvement Scheme

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The length of the entire scheme is circa 390m extending from the Tom Clarke bridge (formerly East Link bridge) along the East Wall Road to its junction with Sheriff St. Upper in Dublin 1. The scheme consists of; the upgrade to the existing Point Roundabout junction to a three-arm signalised junction with a left-turn slip lane from North Wall Quay to East Wall Road, improved pedestrian facilities at junctions and the provision of a toucan crossing on East Wall road; provision of a two-way segregated cycle facility linking the proposed Point Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge to the proposed East Coast Trail East Wall Road Improvement scheme (S2S); construction of a 4th arm on the existing signalised junction of the East Wall Road and Sheriff Street Upper which will provide a new access to Dublin Port and therefore allow the existing left in and left out arrangement on East Wall Road to Dublin Port to be decommissioned. A Part 8 application will be lodged in early 2020.