Royal Canal Greenway

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The Royal Canal runs from Dublin to Longford, a total of 146 kilometres.  The Dublin city section of the route when complete, will provide a high quality walking and cycling route of over 7km linking Ashtown to the North Quays at the Samuel Beckett Bridge.  The Royal Canal Greenway is part of the National Cycle Network.

Map of Royal Canal Greenway

Current status:

  • Phase 1: Guild St. to Upper Sheriff St., 0.5 Km – Completed in 2009. 
  • Phase 2: Upper Sheriff St. to North Strand, 0.7km – Scheduled completion, July 2020
  • Phase 3: North Strand to Phibsboro 2.1km - Construction documents are expected to be ready to go tender in May 2020. Tendering process will be subject to Office of Government Procurement recommendations with respect to the COVID-19  pandemic  and it likely that the earliest that works will start on this project will be Q3 2020 with the earliest  possible completion date now sometime  in quarter 3, 2022.
  • Phase 4: Cross Guns Bridge, Phibsboro to Longford Bridge, Ashtown: 4.3Km.  Phase 4A involves the introduction of a contra-flow bus lane over Broome Bridge. Traffic over this bridge is currently one-way. Design of these works, which include provision of signalised crossing of the Royal Canal Greenway over the bridge, has been completed. A tender process for the selection of a contractor was run in Quarter 1 2020 and works are ready to proceed once the Covid-19 restrictions allow for construction work of this nature to proceed. Detailed design of the upgraded cycle track along the towpath mainline (Phase 4B) is currently being finalised. Ground Investigation works will be required and are planned to commence in late Summer 2020. Construction works on Phase 4B are scheduled to commence in Quarter 4 of 2020. This will be dependent on the lifting of restrictions on construction works to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Option selection for an underpass required under the Maynooth Railway Line is ongoing.

Image of Phase 3, Binns Bridge to Cross Guns Bridge

Phase 3: Photomontage