Premises Registration

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How does the HGV Strategy affect my business?

Companies who operate premises within the cordon and who wish to continue to use 5+ axle vehicles during cordon hours must register online at This includes construction sites. They must also submit a mitigation plan showing how the number
of deliveries will be substantially reduced or eliminated and the time scale to achieve this. Click here to download the Premises Mitigation Plan

Permits will only be issued for deliveries and collection to premises inside the cordon who have registered online at
The Permit system will keep a log of all permits issued for deliveries to and from your premises and will provide a monthly listing per premises, allowing for automatic monitoring of compliance with the mitigation plan.

What information is required in the mitigation plan?

  • An explanation of why 5+ axle HGVs are needed
  • Numbers of trips by 5+ axle HGVs per month at present within the cordon time period
  • Proposals for how this number will reduce on a year-by-year basis
  • Time scale for when the company will no longer require permits
  • If the company feel they cannot eliminate the use of these vehicles completely by 2012, they must provide a detailed
    explanation of the reasons for still requiring their use.
  • Update and report on progress achieving these reductions annually

Can premises within the cordon area make or receive deliveries without registering?

Yes, premises can make or receive deliveries, but only, outside of the cordon hours (19.00 and 07.00hrs Monday - Sunday).

Can a premises purchase a permit?

Yes, premises can purchase a permit on behalf of an applicant, as long as all relevant information is entered in the application.

Note: The term “applicant” describes any person or organisation, including, Haulage companies, fleet owners,oil companies etc.

For more information

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