Blackhorse Avenue – Section 3 – Road Improvement Scheme

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The Roads Construction Division of Dublin City Council has engaged a Contractor, Clonmel Enterprises Ltd., to construct the above road scheme.  Works commenced on Wednesday 20th October, 2010. 
The works involve the re-arrangement and re-construction of road space along Blackhorse Avenue from just west of the junction with Baggot Road (Turnstile Pub), to just east of the vehicular entrance to the Phoenix Park at the Cabra Gate (see attached maps for site location, and proposed new road layout).
The works mainly consist of: 

  • Upgrading of Public Lighting.
  • Installation of new surface water drainage system.
  • Removal of abandoned watermain.
  • Provision of new footpaths, including the provision of a new footpath along the wall of the Phoenix Park.
  • Installation of granite kerbs in some areas.
  • Provision of recessed parking area fronting 1-19 Martin Grove.
  • Improved facilities for Mobility Impaired people, including a complete upgrade of the signalised pedestrian crossing outside the pedestrian entrance to the Phoenix Park, known as the Turnstile.
  • Carriageway re-construction and resurfacing.
  • New road markings and traffic signs.
  • Construction of new boundary wall to property no. 375 (dependant on site development).

Pedestrian access will be maintained and vehicular access will be facilitated throughout construction.
These works have a tendered duration of approximately 6 months.