North Wall Quay Environmental Improvements and Bus Priority Scheme

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Dublin City Council has engaged Main Contractor, SIAC Construction Ltd. (phone 01 40 33 111; fax 01 40 33 177; e-mail ; web ), to construct the above road scheme, and under the supervision of Roads Construction Division (01 222 30 66), Roads and Traffic Department. 

The Scheme extent includes North Wall Quay between immediately west of New Wapping Street and East Wall Road (no works on East Wall Road itself).

Works are due to commence on Tuesday 20th March, 2012, and may be expected to continue for approximately six months.

The works involve the provision of:

  • a new storm sewer and associated gullies and manholes,
  • a new Public Lighting regime including underground services,
  • a new section of watermain,
  • new pedestrian crossings and associated traffic infrastructure,
  • the reconstruction of the northside footpath,
  • localised carriageway reconstruction, and
  • resurfacing of the carriageway.

Access to premises, including vehicular access, along the Scheme will be maintained during the Works.

Pedestrian access along the Works will be maintained throughout construction.

Two-way traffic flow will be maintained during most of the works. Occasional one-way-STOP/GO-shuttles will be required occasionally, but confined principally to the following time periods:

  • occasional daytime, outside peak traffic hours,
  • occasional evenings,
  • occasional weekends

Drawings of the Propose Scheme Location and Layout may be viewed by clicking on the following links: