Swords Road QBC Upgrade Phase 1 Roadworks

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Introduction / Background

The Swords Road QBC Upgrade Phase 1 work involve widening the existing carriageway with the relocation of part of St. Patrick’s College boundary wall in order to facilitate continuous bus and cycle lanes in each direction.   The Phase 1 works are largely to the St. Patrick’s College side of the carriageway (outbound) and are over a length of approximately 220m.

The Phase 1 works summarily consists of three separate Works Contracts:

  • The Advance Works [now completed] – Tree Removal and Gas Skid Meter Relocation within St. Patrick’s College grounds.
  • The Enabling Works [now effectively completed] – The deconstruction and reconstruction of St. Patrick’s College boundary wall and the construction of the outbound footway and associated utilities and provisions for future street furniture adjacent to the St. Patrick’s College grounds.
  • The Roadworks [being the subject of this Web Page] – The construction of the new carriageway, overlay of the existing pavement, completing the outbound footway and isolated works to the inbound carriageway and footway.  The works include drainage works utility diversion and a proposed toucan crossing (located just outside the new pedestrian entrance to St. Patrick’s College).  The temporary traffic signal controlled pedestrian crossing (outside the Crèche) is to be retained permanently and the landscaping and tree planting behind St. Patrick’s College boundary wall is to be completed.

The Advance Works and the Enabling Works are now completed. 
The subject matter of this Web Page content relates to the Roadworks.

The scope of the Roadworks includes, but is not limited to, the execution of the following works:

  1. Traffic Management,
  2. Site Clearance and Earthworks,
  3. Utility protection, diversions and new installations; telecoms, electricity, gas, water, traffic and public lighting,
  4. Drainage works (surface water drainage),
  5. Minor demolition works to existing boundary walls,
  6. Road and footway construction,
  7. Kerbs and pavements,
  8. Traffic signal/toucan crossing installation,
  9. Road markings and traffic signage,
  10. Maintenance of the works and/or sections of the Works on completion.

See attached two drawings for Scheme location and layout.

Dublin City Council has engaged Main Contractor…

KN Network Services,
3-4 Crag Avenue Business Park,
Clondalkin Industrial Estate,
Dublin 22.

Phone:                                    +353-1-457 5000
Customer Care FreePhone:         1800 268 768
ERS Hotline FreePhone:               1890 347 660
Email:    info@knns.ie
Web:     http://knnetworkservices.com/

Day-to-day contact:        Mr. Fergal McCabe, Project Manager / Site Engineer.
                                        087 687 98 43 : fergal.mccabe@knns.ie

…to construct the above road scheme, and under the supervision of Roads Construction Division (Ph. 01 222 30 66; e-mail: roadcon@dublincity.ie ), Environment and Transportation Department, Dublin City Council.  Main Contractor, KNNS, during  the course of the Works, will maintain an active web page, with progress and plans information updates (and including Temporary Traffic Management Plans), for public access.

Works are due to commence on Monday 24th November, 2014, and including working during Operation Open City (…in previous years, Operation Open City was known as Operation Freeflow).  Works may be expected to continue for approximately 20-24 weeks (May 2015).  Working hours will largely be 08:00-18:00hrs, Monday to Friday.  Occasional evening and weekend working may be anticipated.  Carriageway surfacing works (undertaken towards the end of the Project) will be carried out at night time.

Access to premises, including both pedestrian and vehicular access, along the Scheme will be maintained at all times during the Works.

Pedestrian Diversion
The outbound footpath will requisitely be occupied as part of the Works – during this time, pedestrians on the outbound footpath will be directed to use the two existing pedestrian crossings which are (already) in place, and use the inbound footpath over the length of the Works.  In the interest of public safety, pedestrians are encouraged to please cooperate with this temporary route arrangement.

Similarly, access for emergency services, and refuse collection, will also be maintained.

Whilst working on the inbound side of the road, the Contractor will actively endeavour to provide temporary loading bays.

Dublin City Council acknowledges and appreciates in anticipation, the public’s understanding and cooperation during the course of these Road Improvement Works.