Declaration Of Non-Use Of A Motor Vehicle

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A Declaration of non-use must be made during the last month of a current vehicle licence or a previously made declaration of non-use and must be furnished to your local Motor Tax Office in advance of the commencement of the proposed period of non-use of the vehicle. In the case of a change of Ownership the new owner has 21 days from the agreed upon date of sale to make a Declaration of non-use. Form RF150 must be used to make this declaration to a Motor Tax Office

Form RF150

A Declaration of non-use can also be made on A pin is required and can be obtained using the pin retrieval service on or use the pin received in the post.
More information about Declaring a Vehicle off the road can be found here.

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Opening hours 9.30am to 3.30pm. Monday to Friday.

Phone No: 01 222 8000
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