Trade Licences (Trade Plates)

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Trade Licenses are issued to motor traders, garages involved in the sale, repair or recovery of vehicles and also to certain finance companies and fleet owners.

To apply for a Trade Licence the RF 700 form must be completed and submitted to the below address along with the original insurance certificate and rates receipt for the premises. Please be aware of the below points when submitting your application.

  1. The Garage Identity Number (Garage Code) issued by the Vehicle Registration Unit must be completed on the application form.
  2. The insurance certificate must cover the applicant for motor trade purposes. The name and address on the certificate must correspond with that which appears on the application form.
  3. A rates receipt or a demand for the premises must be submitted. (the address of the premises must be the same as appears on the insurance cert and application form).
  4. The applicant must produce their VAT or PPS number
  5. If the applicant is renting the premises they should submit a letter from their landlord confirming the tenancy.
  6. A letter on headed paper stating what the trade licence will be used for is required for a first time application for a trade plate.

Please Note: If an extra trade plate is required, a letter on headed paper stating the reason for requiring an extra plate must be accompany the application.

Trade Licences (Plates) expire on the last day of the year in which they were issued, irrespective of the date they were issued.

Apply for a Trade Licence

Or contact us at the address below to obtain copy


Trade Licencing Section
Dublin City Council
Motor Tax Office
Block B
Blackhall Walk
Queen Street
Dublin 7