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Please note Dublin City Council are not accepting any new applications for Pay & Display & Permit Parking Schemes or change of hours for Pay & Display and Permit Parking schemes for the duration of the COVID 19 crisis. 


Introduction of a Residents' Permit Parking Scheme

To ask for a Residents’ Permit Parking scheme to be started in your area, follow these steps:

Step 1: Contact us

Contact us directly at the address below. 

Or contact us via your elected public representative.

The purpose of a Pay and Display and Residents’ Permit Parking Scheme is to eliminate long term commuter/business parking in residential areas.  Dublin City Council will proceed with the preparation of a Pay and Display and  Residents’ Permit Parking Scheme where it is first established that there is a demonstrable and clear desire for a Scheme.  On receipt initially of written supporting evidence from 25% of households of the road, the request for a Parking Scheme will be referred to the Traffic Advisory Group for examination and report. The supporting evidence may take the form of a number of written requests or a signed petition, indicating names and addresses.

Send the request in writing, with the supporting evidence, stating:

  • Your name and address.
  • The full address of the street or road you are suggesting for the Pay and Display and Residents’ Permit Parking scheme. Requests must be made by residents of the road or may be made by a public representative on behalf of residents.

Step 2:

This request is then sent to the Traffic Advisory Group for examination and report by the Area Traffic Engineer who will recommend a Scheme subject to certain criteria being met:

  • That the road is mainly residential where in excess of 80% of available on-street parking is normally occupied on inspection during business hours.
  • The road must have a minimum width of 6.5 metres for two-sided parking and a minimum width of 4.6 metres for one-sided parking to allow access for emergency services and refuse collection.  These are minimum dimensions which only provide for one lane of traffic and are only suitable for roads with low traffic volumes.  It is important to note that a Parking Scheme cannot be recommended on a road where the minimum width is less than 4.6 metres. Where a road is wide enough for a Scheme with one-sided parking only, double yellow lines will be required on the opposite side of the road.  As a result, there may be a reduction in the number of parking spaces currently available to residents.

Step 3:

Pay and Display and Residents’ Permit Parking Schemes are subject to the agreement of the residents concerned, listed on the Register of Electors, and will be introduced if a majority of the residents who vote, vote in favour of the Scheme.  The process involved in introducing a Pay and Display and Permit Parking Scheme takes approximately 7 months from the date of the ballot.

The Residential Permit Parking System in Law

The Residential Permit Parking System is based on the Dublin City Council’s Parking Control Bye-Laws 2019:

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