Build a Scaffold or Hoarding

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Apply for a licence to build a scaffold or hoarding

You need a licence if you want to build a hoarding or scaffolding on a public footpath or roadway.

Get a hoarding or scaffold licence

To buy a licence, follow these steps:

Step 1: Contact Dublin City Council Roadworks Control Unit

We will arrange for a Roadworks Control Inspector to meet you at the place where you want to set up the hoarding or scaffolding.

The Inspector will examine the location and decide whether or not to grant permission.

Step 2: Return a Scaffold/Hoarding Application form to us

If permission is granted, the Inspector will give you an application form.

Complete the form and return it to us at the address below.

Note: You must submit this form every time you want to erect a scaffold or hoarding (there are no automatic renewals).

Enclose the appropriate fee in cheque or money order, made payable to ‘Dublin City Council’. You can also pay using credit card or debit card.

Do not send cash in the post. If you wish to pay in cash, please visit our public office at the address below.

Fees for a Scaffold/Hoarding Licence

For hoarding or scaffolding erected on a footpath only (to a maximum width of 30 metres) the charge is € 207 per month.

Further charges may apply if:

  • The scaffolding or hoarding interferes with a public road.
  • Alternative arrangements are needed for pedestrians.
  • The scaffolding or hoarding requires parking bays to be put out of service.
  • The scaffolding or hoarding is located on the corner of two roads/streets.
  • The scaffolding or hoarding is erected in a pedestrianised area.

For more information

Environment & Transportation Department
Roadworks Control Unit
Block 2, Floor 6
Civic Offices
Wood Quay
Dublin 8

Tel: (01) 222 2246 | 087-431 8067