How to Apply for a Temporary Road Closure

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In the interest of effective traffic management, Dublin City Council adopts a strict approach to all requests for road closures. Road closures are restricted to:

  • Facilitate building works
  • Store materials on the public road/footpath
  • Erect a hoarding/scaffolding on public roads/footpaths
  • Carry out other commercial activity such as the placing of mobile cranes/hoists on the public road/footpath

Only in exceptional circumstances where the City Council is satisfied that there is no alternative will consideration be given to permitting roadspace on heavily trafficked routes to be used  to facilitate construction/development works.

Short term weekend road closures to facilitate the on-site erection or dismantling of cranes will be facilitated if possible.

How do I apply for a temporary Road Closure?

Obtain an application form by: contacting the Roadworks Control Unit  or downloading the application form.  Submit the completed form to the Roadworks Control Unit:

  • by post
  • in person to the public counter - Floor 6, Block 2, Civic Offices – (9.30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday). 

Your application must be accompanied by:

  • An advertising/administration fee of €2,375
  • A Traffic Management Plan with details of the proposed diversion routes
  • You must also have adequate public liability insurance in order to indemnify Dublin City Council against all claims

What are the costs involved?

  • An initial payment of €2,375 is required to cover advertising and administration.
 * Traffic impact  charge per linear metre per lane per day  
 1 €5.50
 2 €11.00
 3 €15.40
 4 €30.80
 5 €46.40


  • A road will be deemed closed from the nearest junction leading to a through road at each end of the works area and the charge will be applied accordingly.
  • In paid parking areas, a charge for the suspension of paid parking in the relevant tariff zone applies.
  • Any necessary removal/replacement of signs etc. shall be carried out at the applicant’s expense.
  • For further information regarding charges etc. please contact the Roadworks Control Unit.

* Traffic Impact Routes

Every road in the city has been assigned a Traffic Impact Number from 1 to 5, according to its importance as a strategic traffic route. Impact numbers 1 and 2 apply to lightly trafficked routes while numbers 3, 4 and 5 refer to heavily trafficked routes. Full details are available in the “Directions for the Control and Management of Roadworks in Dublin City

Payment Methods

Payment may be made by cheque, money order or credit/debit card.

How much notice do I need to give?

The granting of permission for a road closure, requires Dublin City Council to give a certain period of public notice that it intends to close a road.

Your application should be received at least 6 weeks in advance of the required closure date.

For a full list of the conditions relating to a Temporary Road Closure Application, please refer to the schedule attached to the application form.

How are the public notified of Road Closures?

Notice of all road closures is advertised in the national newspapers. Find out about current temporary road closures

For more information

Environment & Transportation Department
Roadworks Control Unit,
Block 2,
Floor 6,
Civic Offices,
Wood Quay,
Dublin 8.

Tel: 01 222 2246 | 087-451 3393 | 087-214 6829