Modify a Footpath to Allow Vehicle Access

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If you need to modify a footpath to allow vehicles to enter or exit your property, you need to apply to us for permission.

This type of change is called a ‘dishing’.

Apply for 'dishing'

To apply for a dishing, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get planning permission (or affidavit)

You need planning permission to create a new dishing or modify (e.g. widen) an existing the dishing at the entrance to your property.

Find out how to apply for planning permission.

For existing dishings

If the dishing to your property has been in existence for a very long time, you need to obtain a sworn affidavit instead of planning permission. This affidavit must certify that the entrance has been used for vehicle access for at least 7 years.

Note: A 'sworn affidavit' is a letter of declaration signed and witnessed by a solicitor or a peace commissioner.

Step 2: Contact us to apply for dishing

Once you have planning permission or a sworn affidavit, contact Road Maintenance Department at the address below.

An inspector will then arrange to call out to do an inspection and give you a quote for the dishing.

Charges for concrete 'dishing'

  • €556 total for a standard domestic dishing (up to 7 square metres in size).
  • €79.45 per square metre for larger domestic dishings.
  • An extra charge is applied if granite kerbs or other special materials are needed.

Note: If you live in a council home, Dublin City Council may be responsible for creating a dishing outside your home. Contact our Housing Maintenance section to find out.

Step 3 : Works will proceed

We will arrange for work to begin at an appropriate time.

If there is a tree and/or grass margin present, Parks and Landscape Services should be contacted at 2225049 or to arrange an inspection.

For more information

Road Maintenance Services (Head Office)
Block 2, Floor 4
Civic Offices
Wood Quay
Dublin 8

Tel: (01) 222 2255