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A New Educational Initiative to get the Road Safety Message across to Primary School Children - "Cat Ninelives in Deepest Trubble" 

Dublin City Council has introduced a new initiative to get the road safety message across to primary schools following a pilot Road Safety Theatre-in-Education Programme in schools across the city. Over the last two years, over 4,000 primary school children from 7 to 10 years have seen the  new road safety drama production of  ‘Cat Ninelives in Deepest Trubble’.

Image of Drama Production

This type of road safety drama is new to Ireland and is the first initiative by any local authority in Ireland to get the message of road safety across to vulnerable young road users in this way. Teachers and Local Authorities ac


ross the UK have for many years endorsed this type of programme for its impact on pupil’s road safety behaviour.

The drama production aims to change pupil’s behaviour in traffic in a funny and entertaining way that is informative, but also has serious learning outcomes.

The production covers topics such as cycle safety, pedestrian safety and personal responsibilities and above all common sense. All the key objectives are linked to the Social Personal and Health Education strands of the primary schools curriculum. The professional aspects of the drama will also enhance Drama and Arts Education within the curriculum.   

Following positive evaluation and feedback from teachers and schools ‘Cat Ninelives in Deepest Trubble’ will become part of Dublin City Council’s Road Safety Strategy and road safety education programme in primary schools across the city.


Pictured above are pupils from St. Canice's GNS Finglas enjoying the Road  Safety Drama Production of ‘Cat Ninelives in Deepest Trubble’ last year.

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