Walking Bus

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What is a Walking Bus?

The newest form of school transport is the Walking Bus.  It comprises two volunteer parents, one to “drive” and one to “conduct” a group of school children.  Powered by good old-fashioned legwork, it follows a set route to school, collecting pupils at “bus stops” on the way. 

Who can help me start a Walking Bus in my area?

The parents and school need to be very committed to the idea.  The Road Safety Unit, Dublin City Council can give you assistance and support.

What are the benefits of a Walking Bus?

  • It provides a safe and environmentally friendly way for children to travel to school
  • Children learn good road sense
  • It encourages children to start the “walking” habit which will hopefully stay with them for the rest of their lives
  • Improved fitness through daily exercise
  • Promotes social development and independence
  • It’s fun
  • Working in a rota parents save time when other people escort their children to school
  • Children use up excess energy before lessons start which makes teaching easier
  • It encourages walking, which, in turn reduces traffic and fumes near the school


For more information

Road Safety Office on 01 222 2265 or by E mail on  roadsafety@dublincity.ie