Crumlin Village Environmental Improvement Scheme

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General Description of the Works

The proposed scheme is an area improvement scheme which will greatly improve the general appearance of the area but it is also intended to improve safety for all road users in particular pedestrians and cyclists. This will be achieved by greatly reducing the size of the junction of St Agnes Road and Windmill Road which in turn will reduce vehicle approach speeds, allow for segregated cycle tracks and reduce pedestrian crossing distances. The works extend St Agnes Road, from the junction with Windmill Road running westward as far as Crumlin Garda Station. The Works will be phased as described in appendix 1/17 in order to carry out the Works in an efficient manner, minimise disruption to local businesses and the general public. 

The Crumlin Village Environmental Improvement Scheme involves the excavation, reconstruction, milling and reconstruction of some streets and the repaving of streets in the area. The Works involve improving pedestrian crossing facilities, the provision and installation of cycling facilities which include segregated cycle tracks, alterations to current parking bays, upgrading of footpaths with granite kerbs and concrete flags, provision of new public lighting , street furniture in the form of bollards and bins and the replacement of all utility covers and frames within the site extents. The Works also involve the provision of greening facilities, the inclusion of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) measures and some intricate recreational seating. 

St Agnes Road and Windmill Road are currently open to two-way vehicular traffic all day. Traffic Management will be a major part of the proposed Works, with the safety of pedestrians and other road users remaining paramount throughout the construction period.

See attached drawings [scroll down] for Scheme location and layout.


Dublin City Council has engaged Main Contractor…

…to construct the above road scheme, and under the supervision of Roads Construction Division (Ph. 01 222 30 66; e-mail: ), Environment and Transportation Department, Dublin City Council. 

Works are due to commence on Monday 5th March, 2018.  Works may be expected to continue for approximately 16 weeks (i.e. until August  2018). 

Working hours will largely be 08:00-18:00hrs, Monday to Friday.  Occasional evening and weekend working (particularly at road junctions) may be anticipated.  Carriageway surfacing works (undertaken towards the end of the Project) will most likely be carried out at night time or weekends.

Access to premises: pedestrian access to premises along the Scheme will be maintained at all times during the Works.  Vehicular access will be maintained as far as reasonably practicable.  When excavating the road outside individual premises, access will necessarily be temporarily interrupted.

Pedestrian Passage

Pedestrian passage along the road will be maintained at all times.

Similarly, access for emergency services, and refuse collection, will also be maintained.

Vehicular Passage

As the Works include for the full reconstruction of the full-width of the east footpath, and localised carriageway reconstruction, motorists are advised that this will inevitably include some interruptions to both inbound and outbound trips during the full course of the Works.


Dublin City Council seeks, welcomes, and acknowledges, and appreciates in anticipation, the public’s understanding and cooperation during the course of these Road Improvement Works.

Scheme Drawings