Queries about Street Lighting

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Street Lighting in Dublin City

A photo of lights at night in Smithfield SquareStreet lights are important for ensuring road safety at night. We use the most up-to-date technology to give you a high standard of visibility. We also provide festive and decorative lighting. This includes lights for 23 Christmas trees and floodlighting of public buildings.

If there is a problem with a street light where you live, we want to hear from you.

Report a problem with a street light that is not working

Report it online (select Public Lighting Repairs)

or Telephone  (01) 222 2222

Please tell us the number of the pole or nearby house and the name of street or road where the light is located.

We will then investigate the problem.

Apply for a street light to be moved

To request a street light to be moved, please send an application in writing, preferably by email. Please include the following details:

  • Your name and address.
  • The name of the street or road where the light is (or could be) located.
  • The reason why you want it to be relocated.
  • Where it could be relocated to.
  • A photograph of the existing location and a proposed new location (if possible).

Street light maintenance

To reduce the number of problems that arise, we carry out regular maintenance as follows:

  • Continuous nightly inspections ensure that all of Dublin's 45,000 street lights are inspected every two weeks. Any defective lights are then repaired.
  • Every 3 years we replace all lamps in our street lights in order to reduce failures and maintain light output.

For more information

Dublin City Council,
Public Lighting Services,
61/64 Marrowbone Lane,
Dublin 8.
Tel; 222 2222
Fax: 453 1655
Email: lighting@dublincity.ie