Noisy Neighbour Complaint

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My neighbour in a private owner-occupied house is making noise.

Domestic and neighbour noise nuisance are not dealt with by the Air Quality Monitoring & Noise Control Unit.  There are two main options available to you in order to resolve this issue;


Your complaint may be dealt with through mediation between you and your neighbour.  Mediation brings parties in conflict with each other together to attempt to resolve conflict/disputes they may be experiencing, away from Court. Mediation is impartial, confidential and voluntary and at any time either party may withdraw from the process.  However it may be of interest to you to contact one of the mediation services available in order to get further information about the process before deciding how best to proceed.  These services are available free of charge from the three community services involved.  If you live in south Dublin, you should contact South Dublin Mediation Services at 01 4515910.  If you live in North Dublin you should contact either; Mediation Northside at 01 8482988 ( or Mediation Ballymun at 01 8625805 ( 

Section 108 action

Alternatively, you can apply to the District Court for a Court Order under Section 108 of the Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992.  If you wish to take further action, you may contact Áras Úi Dhálaigh, (beside the Four Courts) at 01 8886000, who will advise you further regarding this option and can issue you with a date for your court hearing.  Typically, if you wish to apply to Court, you will have to pay a stamp duty of €22.00 and attend the Dublin Circuit and District Civil Court Office (which is located on the 1st floor, Áras Úi Dhálaigh in the Four Courts) to issue your papers.  You will receive a date for your court hearing and be given information on serving a copy of the application on your neighbour as well as evidence you must bring with you. 

Before you engage in mediation or go to court it is advisable that you do the following;

  • You will be required to explain exactly what the noise nuisance is.  It can be useful to make a sequential ‘timeline’ of events relating to this complaint and to make brief notes detailing measures, if any, that you have taken to attempt to resolve the matter prior to mediation or court.
  • You should keep copies of any supporting material e.g. letters, which you have sent in order to address the issue previously.
  • You should consider what you would like the outcome of the process to be, bearing in mind that in some cases, the noise nuisance cannot be fully eliminated, but restrictions may be possible to reduce the impact of the noise upon you e.g. restricting the times of day that certain activities are carried out. 

My neighbour is a tenant of Dublin City Council and is causing noise?

Domestic and neighbour noise are not dealt with by the Air Quality Monitoring & Noise Control Unit.

If you have a noisy neighbour who is a tenant of Dublin City Council, the estate manager for your estate will deal with your complaint.  Contact them through the customer services department at (01) 222 2222.

The house beside mine is a private rented dwelling, the tenants are making noise, what can I do?

Domestic and neighbour noise are not dealt with by the Air Quality Monitoring & Noise Control Unit.

In this case there are three main options open to you;

  1. Under the Residential tenancies Act 2004, all private rented tenancies must be registered with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB)  The Residential Tenancies Act 2004 places certain obligations on both the landlord and the tenant.  You can check that a premises is registered with the PRTB and, if so, make a complaint about the noise nuisance, to the PRTB.  The PRTB then compels the landlord to enforce the tenants obligations not to engage in anti-social behaviour.  Should the tenants continue to do so, then the landlord is obliged to terminate the tenancy.
  2. Engaging in mediation or 
  3. Taking a private action against the tenants of the house under Section 108 of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992, through the district court

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