Types of Noise

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Construction site causing noise

We investigate complaints regarding noise nuisance caused by construction sites.  Construction sites, by their very nature, can create a great deal of noise, with some activities e.g. pile driving, causing particular disturbance.  The aim of our investigation is to determine compliance with the principles of best practice with regard to the minimisation of noise from the site. 

Construction site work starting early in morning or continuing late into the evening:

The permissible hours of operation of a building site within Dublin City are;

Monday to Friday                             07.00 – 18.00

Saturday                                           08.00 – 14.00

Sundays and Public Holidays      No noisy work on site.

These hours are often specifically conditioned at the planning permission stage, and therefore are enforced by the Planning Enforcement Section of Dublin City Council. You can search for a Planning Application here.

In the event that a planning condition has not been applied regarding hours of operation, the Air Quality Monitoring and Noise Control Unit will deal with the complaint.

To complain about a construction site causing noise contact Customer Services at the address below. 

Noise from plant operating at a commercial premises

We deal with complaints regarding noise nuisance caused by plant noise, this can include extractor fans, refrigeration compressors, air handling units etc.  In order to determine nuisance, measurements generally must be taken in the complainant’s home both in the presence and the absence of the noise.

Music noise from a public house / nightclub

We investigate complaints regarding noise nuisance caused by the playing of amplified music at public houses / nightclubs.  Generally this type of complaint arises when a licensed premises is playing music to an intrusive level, until late at night.  A complainant, in this instance, will usually be requested to keep a written record of the noise nuisance as it occurs.

Noise arising from outdoor music events

Monitoring is usually carried out by the Air Quality Monitoring and Noise Control Unit at outdoor events.  Results are usually available through the Planning Decisions section contact through customer services at the address below, or for smaller events (with attendance of less than 5000 persons), contact the Environmental Health Officers through Customers Services below.

Noise from security alarms

The Environmental Health Officers can deal with noise from an alarm if it is being repeatedly activated. A warning letter can be sent to the premises causing the nuisance but no access can be gained to the property to disable an activated alarm.

Intruder alarm systems should be designed, installed and maintained in compliance with Irish Standard EN50131/1:2006 A nominated key-holder or neighbour should have access to the property in case of activation. Guidelines on how to prevent noise nuisance from activated alarms can be found here (.doc).

If you wish to make a complaint about a premises which is repeatedly causing nuisance from an alarm activation, please contact us at the address below

This list is not exhaustive. An Environmental Health Officer will advise you if your complaint falls under our remit.

For more information

Dublin City Council
Customer Service Centre
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Dublin 8.

Tel: (01) 222 2222 (0900-1700, Monday to Friday)
Fax: (01) 222 5807
Email: customerservices@dublincity.ie  

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