Climate Change Action Plan 2019-2024

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Dublin’s climate is changing and this poses significant risks and challenges to all of those living in the region. In response to this, the four Dublin Local Authorities have joined together in conjunction with Codema, to develop Climate Change Action Plans as a collaborative response to the impact that climate change is having, and will continue to have, on the Dublin Region and its citizens. While each plan is unique to its functional area, they are unified in their approach to climate change adaptation and mitigation, and their commitment to lead by example in tackling this global issue.

The Dublin City Council Plan sets out how it will improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its own buildings and across its functions and operations, while making Dublin more adaptive to the current and future impacts of climate change.

This Climate Change Action Plan features a range of actions across five key areas –

  1. Energy and Buildings
  2. Transport
  3. Flood Resilience
  4. Nature-Based Solutions
  5. Resource Management

Infographic of the Climate Action Plan's Targets

That collectively address the four targets of this plan:

  • A 33% improvement in the Council's energy efficiency by 2020
  • A 40% reduction in the Council's greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
  • To make Dublin a climate resilient region, by reducing the impacts of future climate change-related events
  • To actively engage and inform citizens on climate change

Infographic of Dublin City Council's Key Targets

In order for Dublin City Council to achieve these targets, this Climate Change Action Plan sets out the current climate change impacts and greenhouse gas emission levels in the City, through the development of adaptation and mitigation baselines. It also examines the future impacts that climate change may have on the region and then sets out a first iteration of actions that will be used to reduce the source and effects of these impacts. A number of initiatives have already been progressed by Dublin City Council in relation to the key areas identified.

The implementation and monitoring of actions included in the Plan, marks the next phase of the Council’s multi-faceted approach to responding to climate change. The ongoing undertaking of a range of climate change actions, will enable Dublin to contribute to reaching national and European climate and energy targets to 2030, 2050 and beyond.

Please click here to see the full Climate Action Plan (As Gaeilge)