Rain Gauges, Weather Stations and Level Monitors

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DCC has access to a network of rain gauges, “trash screen” monitors, river monitors, sewer depth loggers, tide gauges and weather stations. This instrumentation is for monitoring purposes. Most of the instrumentation is located in Dublin City, however some of the equipment, e.g. rain gauges, are located along the N 11, as far as Arklow Town, Co. Wicklow. There is also a weather station located in the Wicklow Mountains, at Kippure, as Dublin City can be effected by weather events in that area, and other areas. A multi – jurisdictional approach is needed, when installing such instrumentation, taking all relevant stakeholders into consideration.  DCC is trying to develop extra access for all stakeholders and is currently modifying and increasing its network of instrumentation.

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Alan Vickers - Chief Technician, Ph: 01 222 2404
E-mail: alan.vickers@dublincity.ie

Regional Projects & Emergency Management Section,
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