Dublin Agglomeration Noise Action Plan for the Agglomeration of Dublin

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Dublin Agglomeration Noise Action Plan

On foot of the revision of the Dublin Agglomeration Noise Maps in 2012 the four local authorities within the Dublin Agglomeration carried out a review of the Noise Action Plan 2008-2013. A draft copy of the revised plan 2013- 2018 can be found here.

On foot of the review and after public consultation a finalised revised Action Plan has been produced which will come into effect in December 2013. This plan is a continuation of the 2008-2013 plan and sets out broad principles and actions to mitigate excessive environmental noise and protect areas of good acoustical quality within the Dublin Agglomeration.

The complete ‘ Dublin Environmental Noise Action Plan December 2013 – November 2018’ can be found here.

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