LDEN 2011 Contours

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24 Hour (LDEN) Sound Levels in Dublin from Traffic

For those who do not wish to download Google Earth to their computer to view our noise maps on our main page, this page provides an alternative plug-in which allows our sound contour files to be viewed. It is best viewed at maximum view and then ‘zooming out’ to the location you wish.

The Sound contours displayed on this page are the LDEN (accumulated sound levels for the Day, Evening and Night time periods). The Lden value is comprised of the average of the calculated sound values for the day period (7am-7pm), the evening period (7pm-11pm) plus 5 decibels and the night period (11pm to 7am) plus 10 decibels. Sound levels that are below those that are required to be reported to the European Commission are represented by absence of colour. So there are no LDEN contours representing values below 55dB(A. The Noise Action Plan does not provide any values for desirable\ undesirable exposure values for LDEN. However values for a standalone day time period are provided - greater than 70 decibels is undesirable and less than 55 decibels is desirable.

The sound contours are not based on measurements but rather on computer modelling as required by EC Directive 2002/49/EC relating to the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise. See here for more detail. In summary this directive requires Member States to determine (a) exposure to environmental noise, through noise mapping, by methods of assessment common to the Member States; (b) ensuring that information on environmental noise and its effects is made available to the public; (c) adoption of action plans.

Full explanation and details on on the sound contours and population exposure can be found here.