Proposal to Designate Areas as Quiet Areas

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Dublin City Council has identified 8 areas for nomination to the Minister for Environment, Community & Local Government for delimiting as ‘Quiet Areas’.

The eight areas are:

  • Blessington Basin, Blessington St.; Edenmore Park, Raheny; Mount Bernard Park, Shandon Pk., Phibsborough; Dollymount SSA, Clontarf  – terrestrial area only; St. Anne’s Park, Raheny; Palmerston Park, Dartry; Ranelagh Gardens, Ranelagh; The Cabbage Gardens, Cathedral Lane,D2.

On the 24th of July 2013 the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government extended his approval for Dublin City Council to delimit the eight locations as Quiet Areas. Details of the proposal and the areas now designated as Quiet Areas can be found  in the report below:-

It is not envisaged that these quiet areas will be required to be quiet in the way some may consider a library to be quiet. These are areas with low environmental sound levels as identified by the noise mapping process, and which provide an opportunity for people to visit and recreate away from areas with high environmental noise. Obviously the more people who take up this opportunity the more ‘noisier’ it is going to get i.e. babies crying, children screaming and shouting while playing, and all other types of sound that people emit and cause, while engaged in social and recreational activities. It is not the intention for this sort of ‘noise’ – for want of a better word, to be discouraged. Also, works may have to be carried out in a quiet area  -such as grass cutting with noisy  tractors etc. It is not intended for these areas to be put up on a pedestal with people looking in from afar, admiring  how quiet it is. The aim is for these areas to be used by the public, so in addition to all the other benefits of using the facilities of a park, there is also the added benefit of recreating in a tranquil and quiet setting.

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