Green-Schools Programme

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Dublin City Council is pleased to support schools that are involved in the Green-Schools programme. 

Through participation in the programme a sense of personal responsibility and ownership of the environment is fostered as children learn how their behaviour can have either a positive or negative impact on the environment.  In addition to promoting environmental best practice within schools the programme also aims to raise awareness in the wider community through positive messages being passed on to parents and local business as a result of Green-Schools activities and publicity. 

Recycle logoIf you are interested in taking part in the Green-Schools programme you will find all the information you require on An Taisce’s website  If you are thinking of becoming involved in the programme it is recommended that you contact Dublin City Council, Environmental Awareness staff who will be pleased to assist in the implementation of the programme in your school (see below for contact details). 

Implementing the programme

Green-Schools is a themed programme with schools initially focusing on the theme of Litter & Waste.  The following ‘seven steps’ must be implemented prior to submitting an application for the award:Cartoon image of person recycling

  1. A Green-Schools Committee must be established and must meet on a regular basis.
  2. An Environmental Review must be carried out. 
  3. An Action Plan with realistic and manageable goals must be developed from the review, setting realistic and achievable goals.
  4. The progress towards achieving these goals must been monitored, evaluated and displayed.
  5. The programme must been integrated with the school curriculum wherever possible.
  6. The whole school must be kept updated on the progress of the programme and must be involved to some degree. A "Day of Action" should be part of this process.  The wider community (at minimum parents/guardians) should also be informed of the school’s work on the programme and they should be involved if possible.  A dedicated Green-Schools notice board must display current information.
  7. A "Green Code" must be decided on and displayed.  The whole school community should be familiar with the green code.

All ‘seven steps’ must have been implemented for a minimum of one full school year prior to submitting an application.

There is usually one deadline for the submission of first flag applications each year.  For current information please see   Application can be submitted online.  Once received applications are assessed by An Taisce who decides if the school is ready to have a formal assessment visit carried out.  This is usually carried out by Dublin City Council, Environmental Awareness staff.

Renewal of the award.

Image of tap drippingThe award must be renewed every two years.  Once awarded, a school takes on a new theme and works through the seven steps for this theme during the two year renewal period.  At the same time the work done on the previous theme/s must be maintained.  Schools must work on the following themes in order: Energy, Water, Travel.  An Taisce emphasis the ongoing nature of the programme and therefore it is important to be aware that there are a few essential tasks which must be carried out during the first year of the renewal period.  It is highly recommended that your school keeps in contact with Dublin City Council’s Green-Schools officer as she is available to call to the school or to offer telephone/email support and assistance.  


Deferring renewal of the award

One of the criteria of the Green-Schools programme is that the school renews the award every two years.  However, if due to unusual or exceptional circumstances, your school is not in a position to renew on time you must apply to An Taisce to defer for one year.  It should be noted that if a school defers for a second time An Taisce do request that the green-flag is not flown until the award is renewed.  This step must be taken in order to preserve the integrity of the award and to be fair and equitable to the schools that operate within the terms of the programme.

For more information

Dublin City Council
Waste Management Services
68 - 70 Marrowbone Lane
Dublin 8.

Tel: (01) 2224831